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YogaMe Sea 2

As the summer comes to a close we hope that you got to recharge your chakra batteries and are ready for the shorter days..

As the days draw in and colder weather approaches its good to make sure that your feel good endorphins are stimulated to keep you energized and vibrant.. one way that YogaMe make sure we stock up on those all important feel good nervous system hormones is by soaking up the feel of the sea by practicing our yoga on the beach.

Whilst there is some science behind it, you don’t really need us to go into the details of how you feel after a visit to the beach, the sand between your toes and that after beach feeling of inner smile… that’s what we mean.

YogaMe spent some lovely summer nights just before sunset enjoying the fading pink light over the Aegean and multiplying those little bites of feel good … not only did we have a rejuvenating practice but those friendly do-gooder endorphins also help with another job of helping promote mindfulness and a sense of peace. Meditating to the call of the waves is a great way to encourage breathing and concentrate on the imminent present.

If you would like to experience some of YogaMe at the Sea, come with us, plan a little YogaSea and a yoga retreat to boost your system with the expanse of the great blue.

More advantages on Yoga by the sea coming soon…

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