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YogaMe Sea 3

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Do any of you remember the story about the King who asked his 3 daughters how much each of them loved him. The first daughter said she loved him as much as gold, the second said as much as silver and the third told him she loved him as much as salt. The King banished his third daughter angry at her likening her love for him to such a humble substance.. then when his food was prepared without it for months, the King understood how important salt was for him.. whilst the gold and silver didn’t really mean something tangible.. well, it’s no coincidence that this story draws on salt.. We at YogaMe know the value of salt.. sea salt that would be..

Now are we talking about putting a generous handful over your place of sweet potato oven cooked fries.. Nah..ah.. We’re talking about something of a slightly bigger nature.. more sea than that...

Iodine.. is a body buddy of ours and actually essential for human development.. most of our stash of iodine is buried away in the thyroid glad that controls the metabolic rate, the removal of toxins from the body and how we transform the food we consume into usable energy by using up those calorie tykes effectively. It helps flush out harmful chemicals and contains antibacterial qualities. Iodine can also boost our immune system.

OK, you’re interested but wondering about the relevance to YogaMe Retreats.. Well, since few people absorb their daily iodine requirement because very few foods are rich in iodine, breathing in the sea air increases your exposure to it. In Greece, the number of swims in the sea are considered as a bit of a gauge for avoiding the colds and aches of winter.. We can’t proclaim to know all of the science behind sea air and iodine absorption.. but we know how we feel after a summer near the big blue.. that’s why YogaMe is at the sea with salt on our lips..

Iodine, youodine.. we all scream for Iodine!

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