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Let’s wake up, center our breathing and flex our body to start the day with our morning yoga practice by the sea or next to the swimming pool.


Locally sourced products will be awaiting for you after our morning wake up hatha yoga to fill and sustain you throughout the morning.


Take advantage of our carefully selected destination by relaxing at the sea, enjoying a Thai Massage session or/and exploring the local sights. 


Enjoy your lunch, fresh, tasty and nutritionally balanced, based on vegetables, pulses, grain and dairy products.


Experience a workshop to inspire the mind and learn something new. Topics may include making lip balm, creating a komboloi (worry beads), cooking a local recipe with fresh ingredients and canvas painting. 


Our evening practice to recollect over a fulfilling day and to start relaxing the mind for the evening.


After our relaxing afternoon yoga practice it’s time to settle down at the accommodation with the evenings’ choice fresh menu, enjoy the sound of the crickets chirping and the background chatter of our newly made group of friends.


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This is only a sample standard day, depending on the locations, activities will vary. We make sure, each day will be a little different and include other activities and workshops to keep things interesting. Times in the schedule may change depending on the destination and the time or year a retreat is held to take sunrise and sunset into consideration.

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