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Can you smell the fresh sea air? Can you see the horizon? Can you feel the warm sunshine? Can you taste the goodness of the Mediterranean diet? Breath in, be inspired… breath out, be relaxed… feel all of your senses coming alive with YogaMe Retreats!

YogaMe offers unique retreat experiences, inspired for small groups of guests, at beautiful destinations in different areas of Greece.


Inhabited continuously for over 7000 years, with more than 2000 islands, more archeological museums than any other country in the world, one of the oldest languages in Europe, 9000 miles of coastline and more than 250 days of sunshine a year, it is not by chance that YogaMe choses Greece as its beautiful backdrop.


According to Greek myth, Athena and Poseidon agreed whoever gave the capital of Athens the best gift, would become the guardian of the city. Poseidon gave the water, Athina the olive tree, the olive tree was deemed the best… We aren’t able to decide, whether the sapphire and turquoise of the sea, or the green fertile land and mountains are a better gift and that’s why we don’t want you to have to choose either! You can expect to stay in some blessed destinations in Greece, which offer both types of scenery.


You will have the opportunity to experience the best of both the sea and the natural beauty of Greece’s mountains, olive groves and streams, whilst you take the most out of your yoga practice. You will savor locally sourced healthy food, served fresh, and partake in creative experiences inspired by Greek traditions, culture and lifestyle.


This is the place that YogaMe Retreats is proud to call home.

Come and feel inspired, come and feel relaxed, come and YogaMe!

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