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YogaMe Sea 1

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

You know that overwhelming sense of wellbeing when you’re next to the sea, listening to the waves lapping at the shore? The dipping of your toes into the turquoise aquatic?

We know just how restorative the ocean is too…

Last week’s YogaMe summer session took a select group of Yoginis to the Athens Coast for an evening Yoga practice and sunset meditation. The immense sense of wellbeing as the sea breeze and restorative iodine washed over the group just restates how much the sea is one of YogaMe’s favorite places to be…

There are lots of reasons that the sea is good for us, and that yoga by the sea enhances both the feel good experience of the deep blue and the feeling after a mindful yoga practice.

At our YogaMe retreats, we usually start the day off down by the Sea as the sun rises, the birds start their own morning chant and the taste of the sea salt off the waves can’t help but make any Yogi minded practitioner feel their soul lift a splash.. The other advantage is .. well.. you don’t even need to brush the sand off your toes before you head to munch down on your Mediterranean honey and summer fruit based breakfast..

It’s no coincidence that YogaMe do Yoga next to the sea and we extend you our invitation to come and join us for yourself.. come soak it up with us at YogaMe.. or make that YogaSea … Stay Ommmed in for more on Yoga by the sea…

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